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Course Aims

This course is intended to provide a delegate with the understanding to carry out the duties of a Controller of Site Safety when deemed suitable by their Local Manager.  The course also includes Personal Track Safety AC & DCCR Recertification, OLP, CRP LLT.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course the delegates will: -

  • Have the ability to understand the railway environment and track terminology
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of all relevant safety procedures
  • Be able to demonstrate the communication skills required by a COSS
  • Be able to carry out a concise and accurate safety brief
  • Be able to undertake the emergency procedures resulting from an emergency affecting the safety of trains
  • Be able to demonstrate the setting up of a safe system of work
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of SSOW hierarchy including open or blocked line working
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding in the use of the Sectional Appendix, relevant sections of the Rule Book, Network Rail Hazard Directory and SSOW Plan
  • Be able to complete all relevant documentation
  • Understand Line Clear Verification
  • Explain CRP requirements
  • Work under CRP arrangements
  • Explain OLP requirements
  • Work under OLP arrangements


Course Duration

Seven days, including the assessment process.


Delegates MUST be in possession of:

  • Valid Sentinel card including P.T.S.
  • Current Rule Book and Handbooks


Personal Protective Equipment

This course is classroom based and therefore no P.P.E. is required.



This competency is valid for two years and will be recorded on the Sentinel database.

On successful completion of the course the Sentinel Database will register the competence as “Probationary Status” (COSS-P).

The Primary Sponsor must ensure a post mentoring work-place assessment be undertaken within FOUR months of the course date (mentored observation notified by the sponsor and workplace assessment by Registered Assessor).  “Probationary Status” will be removed by Sentinel on notification by the training provider.

A further Interim Assessment MUST be completed within 9-15 months of course date.  Failure to complete will result in the COSS competence being withdrawn.


Post course objectives and COSS Log Book will be issued to the delegate on completion of the course.