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Course Aims

This course is intended to provide a delegate with an in-depth knowledge and skills required to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a Track Supervisor – Renewals

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course the delegates will:-

  • Have a clear understanding of the Role and Responsibilities of a Track Supervisor
  • Be able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the technical requirements for the accurate installation of new track, including:-
  • - Formation and Drainage
    - Jointed Plain Line
    - Continuous Welded Rail
    - Switch and Crossing Work
    - Track Curvature and Super Elevation
    - Clearances
    - Off-Track Responsibilities

  • Understand the essentials of Managing Track in Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Have a clear understanding of basic design principles
  • Have a clear understanding of Track Conditions relating to Derailment Risk
  • Be aware of all relevant Railway Group Standards, Network Rail Company Standards and Contract Requirements relating to the Renewal of the Permanent Way
  • Have an understanding of the Basic Requirements for Managing Resources
  • Have basic understanding of the Infrastructure Signalling System and Circuitry and its Interface with the Maintenance of the Permanent Way
  • Course Duration

    Ten days, consisting of two five day modules


    There are no particular educational or competence pre-requisites for the course. However, the following factors will be of significant benefit to the delegate: -

  • Prior experience in working as a Supervisory Manager, Track Chargeman or Technical Support Position
  • In-depth knowledge of the Permanent Way and its components
  • Personal Protective Equipment

    This course requires the delegate to be on or near the running line and therefore, he/she MUST be in possession of: -

  • Valid P. T. S. Card
  • Protective “all orange” High Visibility Clothing to BS EN 471:2003
  • Safety Footwear to BD EN ISO 20345:2004
  • Safety Helmet (white/blue) to BS EN 397:1995
  • General Purpose Gloves to BS EN 388:2121
  • Safety Glasses to BS EN 166 and of Optical Class 1 with Impact Resistance F
  • Certification

    A Certificate of Training will be awarded to the delegate on completion of the course