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Course Aims

This course is intended to develop the knowledge and decision making skills that will enable the delegate to make the best use of resources, including time required to complete a track renewals item.  This course is ideally suited to Track Renewals technical staff, junior managers and supervisors.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Assess and plan the setting up of a site establishment
  • Assess the best method of working with particular attention to direction of working
  • Calculate and plan bulk materials to and from site with reference to type of wagons available.  Assess if road haulage is viable
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the general principles of train working
  • Demonstrate an awareness of how possessions are set up and managed
  • Develop a bar chart and assess the critical path
  • Resource the activities with manpower, COSS, Crane Controllers, Lookouts Engineering Supervisors, Point Minders, Crossing Attendants, Technical Staff, and equipment
  • Manage site reporting, and the relevant documentation in producing a Site Report
  • Understand the different ways of setting up a plain line or a S&C renewals site
  • Understand the roles and requirements of the Signalling, OLE and Plant & Machinery disciplines
  • Draw up contingency plans and recognise decision points
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the requirements for “Raising and Removing Speed Restrictions”.
  • Course Duration

    3 days


    There are no particular educational or competence pre-requisites for the course.  However, the following factors will benefit the delegate.

  • Sound understanding of the Permanent Way and its components
  • Prior experience of working on track renewals schemes
  • Personal Protective Equipment

    Is not required on this course.


    A Certificate of Training will be awarded to the delegate upon completion of the course.