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Equality and Diversity

Course Aims

This course is designed to provide an appreciation of how Equality and Diversity considerations impact the working environment.


60 minutes

Learning Objectives

What you need to know
A basic understanding of what is meant by Equality and Diversity is essential in every 21st Century workplace.

  • Equality means the promotion of individual rights, giving choice and opportunity, respect, and fairness; ensuring that services provided respond to need.
  • Diversity means valuing the differences between people and the ways in which those differences can contribute to a richer, more creative and more productive life.

This course provides guidance on:

  • The importance of equality and diversity
  • How to work in an inclusive way
  • How to access advice, information and support
  • Basic strategies for understanding LGBT considerations.


This course is accredited by the CPD Certification Service

Renewal Recommendation - We recommend you renew this course on an annual basis or in accordance with your Company competence management system.