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Permanent Way Engineering

Track engineering today requires work operations to be undertaken safely, in ever shorter access periods, to a high standard and at lower costs. Technology and software is driving significant change in the way track engineering is delivered.

However, the increasing scarcity of personnel with relevant qualifications, competencies and experience in the civil engineering discipline has affected not only production activities but is also impacting the ability to mentor new and less experienced personnel.  

Neway Training Solutions recognise that there has been limited investment in training and development resulting in a high number of people who require formal training to enhance both their skills and competence to ensure that each becomes a valued team member. 

We only employ trainers with appropriate railway experience who can relate and apply their knowledge to all aspects of the civil engineering function from Principles of Track Engineering through to Permanent Way Engineer, Track Realignment Schemes, and Switch and Crossing Design Principles.   

We offer an extensive range of courses covering track maintenance and renewals together with associated competency-based courses to supplement these specific skills.

Please contact us if the course you require isn't listed below.